Highway 358

Rock N' Roll The Way God Intended...

The men of Highway 358 have chosen a different path – a higher road - the way of holiness. Their quest is simple – to pave a Supernatural Highway with music for God to use to work in the lives of people. In their songs you will hear a variety of styles that span the last 30 years including modern pop melodies, soaring rock ‘n roll leads, classic blues licks all supported by a solid beat and layered with rich vocal harmonies for the purpose of gratifying the creator of the universe.The band formed 8 years ago at a local church in Littleton, CO. Focused mainly on providing worship music on Sundays, the last 3 years have been centered on developing originals written by the combined efforts of the band. The result is something different than anything on the radio today. Resonant of the vintage tones of the past but with a modern sound that goes well beyond the walls of church and relevant to current times.

Rich Chavez, Bill Davis, Terry Shaw, Roger Hollard, Don Leonard


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