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Sound Doctrine Band started in the spring of 2001 in Humboldt County. The first members were: Pastor Dino Cardelli: drums, Will Hardwick : bass-vocals, Dale Yonnes: lead guitar, Ken Tinkham: guitar and vocals. We wanted to have an outreach band to share the gospel through music. We started to play in parks, recovery BBQ’s, biker rally’s, and other events. Thanks to Dino for the band’s name Sound Doctrine Band. As the band went on through the years the members of the band slowly changed. We are thankful for all those who have participated in the band to help it to continue on. You can see pictures of all those who have been in the band in the past (and the present) on our various sites on the internet. The current members are Bonnie Alves: keyboard-vocals, Cory Cook: drums-vocals, Mark Cole: bass-vocals, Mike Patchin: lead guitar, Ken Tinkham: guitar-vocals. We are blessed to have Mark as our new sound man.Vision: Our main vision is to tell people about Jesus. Our songs are geared toward those who do not know the gospel. Our main verse that backs our vision is John 3:16 - For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him, will not perish but will have everlasting life. Our songs speak (word content) for themselves as vehicles to proclaim God’s message of salvation and hope. We play a variety of styles so we can reach a variety of people. All the members in the band are on various worship teams at local churches (or other ministries) so we are prepared to conduct worship when called on to do so.

From: AMERICA NORTH: USA: California

Title Time Bitrate Cost
N/A 24/7-365 4m 58s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Jesus Loves Me 3m 52s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Shotgun 5m 9s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Nothin' Can 4m 10s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A John 3:16 5m 1s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A This Little Light of Mine 4m 1s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A He's Commin' Home 3m 29s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Nuclear Age 5m 18s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Rock of Ages 4m 50s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Before 5m 6s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A I'm Not Ashamed 4m 55s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Psalm 23 7m 11s 128 kBit/s $1.50
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